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January 9, 2011

By Pam Drew – Chairman, Novato Community Alliance (NCA)

Novato, California — NCA does not in any circumstance wish to be associated with the extreme positions taken by the Tea Party, Occupy, or any other right or left wing group. Our purpose is to seek to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood in matters of land use & housing policies, public safety/crime prevention, government awareness, and transportation; to provide support in other matters of neighborhood concern; and to promote and participate in the civic life of the city.

We do support free speech and meaningful public participation in local & regional policy-making. Our alliance is a neighborhood group which strives mightily to avoid political affiliation, labeling, and the political rhetoric as a divisive diversion from our primary mission--protecting the quality of life in the neighborhoods of Novato. We don't even want to be associated with moderate Democrats or moderate Republicans.

We want to represent the neighborhoods which are being disproportionately affected by local & regional policy-making. We want to represent the rank-and-file ordinary people who want to do the right thing to preserve a way of life which blends the best of the old with the best of the new. We want places for the next generation to live in which suits them without tearing down suburbia to get it. We want places for this generation where they can continue to raise their families with some confidence and comfort.

NCA welcomes any resident of Novato regardless of affiliation to join their neighborhood group but we ask them to avoid utilizing the rhetoric or philosophies of groups based outside of the needs of our neighborhoods. We want the focus to be local.


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