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You have the power to help our community — by learning, volunteering, speaking out and donating. Your involvement with NCA enables us to truly create a 'community' within our hometown! 

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nca logo_fbFind out how NCA is empowering the individual citizen for change in Novato.

Break away from your normal routine to learn more about the issue. Ask questions while chatting with family, friends, neighbors and local community leaders. Take an interest in others' experiences and opinions, then make up your own mind about the issues. Try to stay up-to-date on action alerts, current legislation, and recent key votes.

You don’t have to be an activist to make a difference. Be an example to all your friends and neighbors in Novato by simply talking the talk and walking the walk always in a respectful manner. Your kind influences will bring growth to the 'localized control' movement. As Gandhi said, "We must become the change we wish to see."

Network with Others

imagesJoin NCA's social networking environment.

Speak Out!

Use your voice as a powerful tool to speak on behalf of yourself, your neighborhood and your community!

  • Make a Call
    Make a Call


Call your elected representative and ask questions about the housing issues and express your own opinions. Remember your elected representatives sought public service for the purpose of helping community members get what they want. They want to hear from you! Tell them how they can better represent you!

Here's what you need to contact state, county, and city representatives whether by phone, letter, or e-mail.

Click for contact information for various leaders or organizations

  • Write a Letter
    Write a Letter


Express your opinions by wiriting to the editor of a local newspaper regarding the local housing issues. Write directly to a state, county or city representatives urging them to rethink the push for high density low income housing, regional governments and transportation. Make a difference by letting your representatives know where you stand on Housing, Novato City Government, Public Safety and Transportation.

Your letters & calls are your expression of your own personal opinions and should not be construed to be written in the name of the Novato Community Alliance. In saying that, the Novato Community Alliance does not accept responsibility for letters or any communication that has not been given prior approval by the NCA Executive Board. The Alliance supports communications whether written or otherwise presented in a respectful manner and does not tolerate any threats, demeaning comments or slander to any person or organization.

  • Speak your mind
    Speak your mind


You can speak before the council or to the committee or to your local political group.

  • Leafletting


Join the "Block Captains" or offer to assist a block captain by distributing pamphlets and flyers in your neighborhood or nearby neighborhoods. Pamphlets and Flyers can be distributed in other public places such as shopping centers after obtaining the manager's approval. All distributed materials must be approved by the NCA Executive Board prior to distribution.ou can speak before the council or to the committee or to your local political group.

  • Recruit others
    Recruit others


Find one or two friends or family members to join the 'localized control' cause. They don't have to be an advocate – if they like our neighborhoods the way they are then the regional changes will affect them also! Encourage them to write or call their elected officials, and offer to help them with the writing or with planning the call. Direct them to the NCA website. Remind them how valuable their help could be and how one person can make a difference!ou can speak before the council or to the committee or to your local political group.


Giving time is one of the most valuable contributions you can make in the shaping of your hometown!

  • Volunteer


We need help in keeping the small town aspect of our City. For those willing to help and who have the time and a skill, please email the Novato Community Alliance. There are many roles and skills needed to continue our efforts for local control, so join us in making a difference in our community. Remember, every little bit helps so don't think that any amount of time offered won't be appreciated.


Download these resources to show your support for NCA.


Your donation will enable NCA to continue to serve the community.

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