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How Marin was Ruined

Richard Hall of Citizen Marin extrapolates on how high density housing and "transit oriented development" will ruin Marin by 2020.

Here's a video that accompanies the article.


Officials approve controversial Plan Bay Area

The basis of Plan Bay Area is the false forecast of two million new residents by 2040 which creates an urgency which in reality does not exist.  Plan Bay Area's one-size-fits-all stimulus plan for developers and big business in the Bay Area ignores local needs and preferences.  Opponents showed up to point out the many flaws of Plan Bay Area. Overwhelmingly most asked for Bay Area residents to vote on the Plan since all residents will be impacted. Unfortunately, the officials approved Plan Bay Area.


Revision of the Housing Report

Novato city officials released the latest revision of the Novato Draft Housing Element on Friday, March 22. The Novato Patch wrote this article about the report.

The main revision that has been made is in the density of housing. Previously, the housing draft submitted requested 20 units/acre. The revised draft has a maximum of 23 units/acre. Senior housing will be offered at a density bonus up to 30 units/acre.

The city and the Novato Planning Commission will have their first joint meeting this Monday April 1, 6:30 PM at Novato City Hall. The address for Novato City Hall is 901 Sherman Avenue, Novato, CA. NCA encourages you to attend and make your opinion known.

Silvestri Reveals Marin BOS can Reject PDAs

In Bob Silvestri’s latest article on the Patch, he reveals that the Marin Board of Supervisors decides which areas, if any, will be designated as PDA's (Priority Development Areas), areas for high density development around transit and areas to absorb most of the growth of housing for all different income levels between now and 2035.   Contrary to what the Marin Board of Supervisors has said, it is not forced by the state of California to designate areas for such development, but rather the Supervisors can remove all areas from such designation if they choose.  Mr. Silvestri questions whether the Marin Board of Supervisors' hesitation to remove the last two unincorporated PDA's (Marin City and Strawberry) is to retain state transportation grants. The Supervisors have removed Marinwood and Tam Valley/Almonte's PDA designations recently in response to growing opposition.  Mr. Silvestri singles out Marin Supervisor Susan Adams as particularly uninformed or disingenuous.  Read the article here.

In Defense of the Suburbs

If you like living in the tranquility of the suburbs you may feel like an anomaly.  If you listen to the media or the government, you may think that most people are clamoring to live in cities.

The NCA recommends you read an article called "In California, don’t bash the ‘burbs" by Joel Kotkin.  In this article, he examines the governmental forces that are motivating the construction of dense housing that few people actually want.  Here’s a quote:

During the past decade, when pro-density sentiment has supposedly building, some 80 percent of the new construction in the state was single-family, a rate slightly above the national average.  Over time, Californians continue to buy single-family houses, mostly in the suburban and exurban periphery.  They do it because they are like most Americans, roughly four of five of whom prefer single-family houses...

It turns out that one of the best defenses of the suburbs is that that these are the places that most people want to live.  Shouldn’t we organize our society to help fulfill the dreams that are shared by a majority of its citizens?



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