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Support Pam Drew for Novato City Council

Pam Drew, former President of NCA, is running for a seat on the Novato City Council.  The election is on November 3 and we urge you to support Pam.  Click here to visit her campaign webite.  Here are two letters of support for Pam.

From Trish Boorstein, Novato:

I endorse Pam Drew for Novato City Council because of her proven track record.

Pam reaches out to the community and participates in neighborhood meetings. If elected, she will seek our opinions, continue to listen and respond, because she values our perspectives on important issues.

Pam attends city workshops. If elected, she will listen to the public since she appreciates residents’ involvement in our government.

Pam attends Planning Commission and Design Review meetings. If elected, she will support compatible development because she wants to maintain our small-town character.

Pam participates in City Council meetings. If elected, she will research and evaluate all information to make sure decisions will be in our best interest.

Pam attended Measure F Oversight/Citizens Finance Committee meetings. If elected, she’ll work for a balanced budget with improved accountability on how our tax dollars are spent.

Pam served on Novato’s Housing Working Group. If elected, she will work to protect neighborhoods and the lower density of 20 units an acre.

Pam uncovered the truth about the downtown bus center — it’s unsafe and wasn’t vetted by the public. If elected, she will advocate for us, not outside interests. On a 4-1 vote, the City Council approved Marin Transit’s $3.6 million expanded bus center that 100 Golden Gate bus drivers say is unsafe.

Pam will work for more transparent discussions.

Pam is invested in Novato because she cares. This is why I endorse Pam Drew for City Council and encourage you to vote for Pam.

From a Novato resident:

I endorse Pam Drew for Novato City Council because I drive on the heavily congested Highway 101 each work day. I encourage anyone who shares my frustration to support Pam Drew because she will scrutinize any proposal for high density development for how it will affect quality of life. She will ask "Do the costs outweigh the benefits?" High density development means more strain on our roads, schools, and water supply.




Supervisor Judy Arnold's Incivility to Her Constituents

Pam Drew and Trish Boorstein challenge Judy Arnold's claim that her opponents are Tea Party members. Click on the images to see the videos.

This video shows Judy Arnold calling her opponents members of the Tea Party.

On September 23, Trish Boorstein again discussed Supervisor Arnold's incivility before the Board of Supervisors.

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Officials approve controversial Plan Bay Area

The basis of Plan Bay Area is the false forecast of two million new residents by 2040 which creates an urgency which in reality does not exist.  Plan Bay Area's one-size-fits-all stimulus plan for developers and big business in the Bay Area ignores local needs and preferences.  Opponents showed up to point out the many flaws of Plan Bay Area. Overwhelmingly most asked for Bay Area residents to vote on the Plan since all residents will be impacted. Unfortunately, the officials approved Plan Bay Area.


How Marin was Ruined

Richard Hall of Citizen Marin extrapolates on how high density housing and "transit oriented development" will ruin Marin by 2020.

Here's a video that accompanies the article.


Silvestri Reveals Marin BOS can Reject PDAs

In Bob Silvestri’s latest article on the Patch, he reveals that the Marin Board of Supervisors decides which areas, if any, will be designated as PDA's (Priority Development Areas), areas for high density development around transit and areas to absorb most of the growth of housing for all different income levels between now and 2035.   Contrary to what the Marin Board of Supervisors has said, it is not forced by the state of California to designate areas for such development, but rather the Supervisors can remove all areas from such designation if they choose.  Mr. Silvestri questions whether the Marin Board of Supervisors' hesitation to remove the last two unincorporated PDA's (Marin City and Strawberry) is to retain state transportation grants. The Supervisors have removed Marinwood and Tam Valley/Almonte's PDA designations recently in response to growing opposition.  Mr. Silvestri singles out Marin Supervisor Susan Adams as particularly uninformed or disingenuous.  Read the article here.

Novato Exposed

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