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Restore Novato's Goal of Accountability and Transparency

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Al Dugan and Trish Boorstein have asked the Council for the restoring of Goal #1 on the City of Novato's Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan is a two- or three-year plan where the staff and the council get together 2-4 times a year to check the city's progress and to update the plan.  These get-togethers are open to the public but they are held during the day and they are retreats run by a hired facilitator so very few of the public show up.  The Strategic Plan then drives a lot of the agenda-setting that occurs quarterly so the Strategic Plan exercises are really important.  Recently the Council reduced the goals from seven to four and "Achieve Accountable and Transparent Community-Based Planning" bit the dust.  Part of the reason 'Community-Based' dropped out could be the cost of debating the affordable housing sites for a solid year.

Read Al's own words in his Novato Patch Blog, "Accountablility and Transparency in Novato Government," posted on September 23, 2012.

Trish Boorstein says, "We want to reinstate 'Achieve Accountable and Transparent Community-Based Planning.'  It's the 'Community-Based Planning' we need to emphasize equally. Staff has already added 'Open Government and Transparency' as a result of the last workshop at the Police Station."


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