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Even if You Opted Out of MCE, You May be Enrolled

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Marin Clean Energy is preparing to enroll you into its "green" energy program even if you opted out.  It happens when PG&E installs a Smart Meter (or any new electric meter) on your home or business.

Here's what happens:  Marin Energy Authority lobbied the state utility commission to default all new electric service to Marin Clean Energy whenever there is a change of account.  If your house is sold or a rental unit turns over, generation service automatically switches from PG&E to MCE.  A new meter at your home or business has the same effect because it triggers a new Service ID number, which MCE sees as a change of account.  If you received a new meter AFTER you opted out of Marin Clean Energy, you're in queue to get switched back into MCE.  Marin Clean Energy says it's got the SmartMeter situation under control, but Novato consumers are still receiving change in service notices.  Scrutinize your PG&E bill after you receive any new meter, and contact PG&E at (866) 743-0335 if you discover a problem.  It's your right to demand a full refund for all charges from MCE, including the PG&E Exit Fee and Franchise Fee Surcharge charge which MCE triggers when it switches your service.

Jim Phelps


Novato Exposed

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