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ABAG Director Suspected of 1.3 Million Embezzlement

A former director of financial services for Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) is suspected of embezzling 1.3 million dollars from a SF community fund, the Finance Authority for Nonprofits.  Clarke Howatt, the suspect, reportedly resigned from ABAG on January 30.  To read more, see the articles at SF Gate and the San Francisco Business Times.


One Bay Area Arbitrarily DOUBLES Novato's Housing Numbers


This Tuesday (Jan-10) the Novato City Council will take up under general business item 8, Dave Wallace's courageous and informative Staff Report, which describes the most recent MTC/ABAG Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), its changes from the last version, and the implications to the City of Novato.


Round 2: Plan Bay Area Results & Video

Overview of Marin County:

Here is the latest youtube video of concerned citizens fighting back against the "One Bay Area". The entire meeting was taped. The public comments start at 1:16.

The "Plan Bay Area" meetings results are in. The "One Bay Area" group reported back to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission last Friday in Oakland. In addition to the report, the meeting included public input.


Round 2: One Bay Area - Social Engineering?


This month workshops are being held employing a hand-held voting device with instant tabulation in all Bay Area counties These workshops are designed to educate the public about the practical implications of SB 375 in their lives. People are supposedly choosing among alternatives but the alternatives are starkly limited by the urban planning philosophy presently holding sway in California. Furthermore, if your gathering is not considered representative by the powers that run the workshop, they will go into outreach mode until they have the desired types of participants. The voting results will not be published until late June and will be used to justify the ABAG allocations for Round 2: 2015-2022. What Envision Bay Area will do with the nonvoting segment, is, I suspect, ignore it until they are forced to tabulate the nonvoters. In the Marin workshop, the votes dropped from about 110 to between 65 and 75.


Novato Exposed

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