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Follow-Up -- Marin Transit Changes in Novato

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Follow-up Segment -- After our initial article about the proposed changes Marin Transit was proposing within Novato, There were some nagging questions that did not have clear answers. So we did some digging and the conclusions will likely make you frustrated with how our government agencies run the 'railroad'.


Marin Transit Proposes Phased Changes for Novato

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The first week of December, Marin Transit (MT) held community workshops for the purpose of providing a forum for community members to come and talk about the proposed changes to existing bus service locally within Novato. The session was very informative, and as expected, MT was there and very helpful, however there was very low turnout, which, interestingly, may be an indication of actual public demand.


Supervisor Judy Arnold sponsoring Marin Transit workshops


Marin Transit is holding a series of public workshops to solicit input from residents in Northern Marin on service changes to Routes 49, 51, 52 and 259. Come and hear about plans and proposals to improve local transit service in Novato.  

Local Novato transit service improvements were identified in the Novato Transit Needs Assessment, which concluded in August of 2011. Marin Transit is proposing to move forward with the following service-related improvements: consolidating local fixed Route 51 and 52 services, increasing peak hour frequency and span of service on the new Route 51, and extending Route 49 to Downtown Novato.


Novato Exposed

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