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What SMART Wants Isn't in the Staff Report

SMART wants the City of Novato to relieve it of risk within the city limits in Quiet Zones, i.e., reduce its operating costs.

These segments of Jeff Walters, Novato City Attorney, interacting with Pat Eklund, Novato Council woman, re Quiet Zones and risk to the City of Novato are legally very important (not including the Michael Frank's comments). They show us what SMART is asking for and why Novato shouldn't give it to them. None of this is in the staff report which was included in the agenda packet. Here is a link to the video until we can get embedding to work. The link begins at 1:31:23. Be patient. It takes about 2 minutes to load with a rapid internet connection, maybe 5 minutes with a slower connection. The pertinent part is over after 10 minutes. It is worth the wait. Manually press the pause button after 1:42:00.

Jeff Walters starts his background presentation about Quiet Zones and risk to the City of Novato earlier at 1:12:53 just after Michael Frank suggesting that he may move faster than taking 6 months about bringing his (Franks' own) findings about Quiet Zones and risk back to the Council. If you want to see this part, you will have to move the slider back. Jeff Walters says his investigation so far has uncovered no significant insurance claims with quiet zones or significant risk to the city. Eklund asks for a clarification of Michael Frank at 1:31 where our link starts. She addresses Jeff Walters at 1:34 reading the mitigation required of SMART of installing quiet zones from the EIR and continues through at least 1:37:35 with dialogue. Jeff says "I certainly like the idea and we'll use it!" at 1:35. Walters talks for 7 minutes and then the second set of ideas by Pat Eklund is maybe 3 minutes so you're talking about 10 minutes of an imminently watchable video.



Novato Says No to Additional Passenger Train Funding



The Novato City Council’s message to those attempting to get a North Bay passenger rail project started: You haven’t earned our trust yet.The council voted 3-2 to recommend that Councilwoman Carole Dillon-Knutson come out against the Transportation Authority of Marin’s tentative plan to put $8 million toward start-up costs for the initial segment of Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit service.


Novato Exposed

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